Less than 2 months old, at Daddy's graduation.

“What is that thing you’re carrying your baby in?”

“I wish we had those when my kids were young.”

“Your baby is so happy!”

“Do you get her on your back by yourself?”

These are all things I’ve heard while wearing my baby.  Whether it’s grocery shopping, wandering through the farmer’s market, or going on a hike, I always encounter curious looks and frequent questions.

Baby what?!

Babywearing. What is it? Why do we do it? In short, babywearing is a traditional way humans have always cared for their babies. We’ve always needed to keep our babies close, but get things done (and with two hands)! Our ancestors needed to focus on the basic functions of life: food, water, shelter. Yet, they had babies to care for, and swings and strollers hadn’t been invented yet.  What’s a busy mother to do?  Why, grab a piece of cloth and tie her baby to her, of course!  She could nurse her baby when it was hungry, keep baby safe from predators, and provide a warm, comfortable place to nap, all while going about her daily chores.  Sound familiar?  Maybe the modern parent doesn’t need to keep baby safe from lions, tigers, or bears, but we certainly have a family to care for and urban jungles to navigate.  If you’re anything like me, you’ve got dinner to make, groceries to shop for, kids to care for, and fun to be had.

Babywearing and the Modern Parent

Babies are uniquely adapted to be carried by their parents. While strollers, swings, and bucket-style car seats have certain valuable functions, no modern technological gadget can replace the love, warmth, care, and security that babies require. A baby’s needs are still the same as they were generations ago, and those needs can only be filled by the loving embrace of another human.

The full lives of modern families include a lot more than just collecting food and firewood.  Many parents work outside the home. For the first 8 months of my daughter’s life, I was a working mom.  I had the great fortune to be able to take my daughter to work with me.  She spent her days napping in a wrap, while I attended meetings and sent numerous emails.  Multitasking at its finest! For parents who work, babywearing can be incorporated (perhaps as part of a bedtime routine) to help parents and baby physically and emotionally reconnect after their day apart.

Wrangling babies & dogs!

Babywearing is also a great way to help a parent care for a sick kid.  Sometimes, when a sickness takes hold, all a child wants is to be close to mom or dad. When my daughter wants that constant contact, I can give her the snuggles she needs while taking care of the rest of my family.  What about colic? Or babies with GERD/reflux? Being held upright can be very beneficial for baby’s digestive system, while helping parents nurture their distressed baby.

For those with active lifestyles, babywearing can help families recreate together.  We live in Idaho, so my family has close access to foothills and trails, and we love to get outdoors!  Strollers just don’t navigate rocky, hilly trails very well.  Wherever I can walk, I can wear my baby. I believe that I am being a good example to my children by engaging in physical activity, while providing them opportunities to be in and explore nature. They can walk when they want, and then easily carried when they get tired.

I’ve worn my kids while making dinner, trekking through busy airports, during trips to the zoo, and everywhere in between. I can keep my baby physically close, but also foster a strong emotional bond between us.

Where to Begin?

Fortunately, modern parents aren’t limited to one style of carrier.  We have 5 different styles to choose from: Wrap, Ring Sling, Pouch, Mei Tai, and Soft-Structured Carrier.  I often tell parents that baby carriers are like jeans.  We (and our babies) all have different body types, so one carrier might not fit you as comfortably as it does someone else.  Or, certain styles may not appeal to you.  There are so many choices!  Part of what we do here at Babymoon Babywearing, is help you find the right carrier for YOU and YOUR baby.  We want you both to be comfortable and love what you’re wearing.  A carrier is an investment and we understand how important it is to get the right fit.  Whether through a group class or a private consultation in your home, using the carriers from our library, we will provide you with the information and hands-on help to wear your baby safely and comfortably!

Contact us to begin your babywearing journey!